UK Boarding Schools Admission Exams

Due to the high level of competition for places at the best boarding schools in the UK a lot of emphasis is placed on admission tests, which are infamously challenging. The tests may be tough, but it’s worth bearing in mind that UK boarding schools also consider other factors when assessing prospective candidates. Read on to find out what these other factors are!

Although they may differ in popularity depending on the country, admission exams are a common feature in academically selective schools, especially in the UK. Many of the best boarding schools in the UK require prospective students to take competitive admissions exams as a part of the enrolment process.

It’s a well-known fact that admission exams to the best boarding schools in the UK, which are obviously academically selective, are difficult and stressful for both prospective students and their parents or guardians.

There are a number of reasons for the difficulty of these exams;

The best boarding schools in the UK have a high number of applicants, the admissions exams enables the school to choose the best among all the applicants so as to maintain the academic standards of the school.

Also, the admission exams allows UK boarding schools to identify those students that are well-suited to handle the rigorous academic work waiting for them at these schools and those who have the ability to do well in the school.

It’s not in the interests of either the child or the school to enrol a student who will not be able to cope with the academic atmosphere of the school.

What are students tested on?

Some UK boarding schools set their own admission exams, while others use a joint admission exams used by several other boarding schools.

It is upon the school management to decide which admission exams they will use and the threshold score for admission. It is advisable that you find out this information earlier before your child sits for the exam as it will give them more time to prepare for the exams.

Admissions exams usually cover core subjects like maths and English plus a variety of other subjects. When applying for admission at the beginning of GCSE or A- level courses, students may be tested on the specific subjects they wish to study.

Significance of Admission exams in the application process

While the entrance tests may be arduous, it’s important to remember that they are not the only guideline used by UK boarding schools when assessing prospective students.

Depending on the school’s focus and what they are looking for in students, the admissions procedure may encompass more than just the admission exams.

Most of the best boarding schools in the UK recognise the importance of having a wide range of talents among their students and will take into consideration a prospective student’s talents when enrolling children.

For instance, a child who is not book smart may have the potential be a top-notch sportsman or an amazing artist, and can make a significant contribution to the school through their abilities.