Financial aid for UK boarding schools

Selecting the perfect UK boarding school for your child is a big decision and school fees are an important consideration. Before making an application to any UK boarding school, it is important that you be honest with yourself about how much it’s going to cost and how you will fund your education.

UK boarding schools set their own fees. For private boarding schools, you will be required to pay tuition plus boarding fees, which is about £6,000 per term for young students. For sixth form, the fee many be over £9,000.

For public boarding schools, you will not be required to pay for tuition but you will need to pay for boarding. The average fee is about half of those in the private sector ranging from £2,000 to £4,000 per term.

Boarding fees normally cover accommodation, meals, laundry, etc. You may, however, incur extra costs for books, uniforms and for trips or excursions outside campus. It is important, therefore, that you inquire to the school you are applying to about what the fees covers and what you will be required to pay for yourself.

For international students, there some other costs that may be incurred other than tuition, boarding or extra charges. These include; travel costs, health insurance and pocket money.

Can I get a scholarship or bursary?

Many students at UK boarding schools study on a scholarship or bursary. Scholarships are awarded to students that perform exceptionally well in their school work or have talent in a non-academic field.

Scholarships are awarded in various subjects but the most common scholarships are for multitalented students who excel in the academic field as well as non-academic field (sports or art).

The best boarding schools in the UK offer scholarships to attract the best and brightest to the school, therefore it is important to showcase a student’s excellent past achievements in the areas of interest when applying.

A bursary is awarded to a student who is in dire need of financial aid. Bursaries are designed to allow students who can’t afford school fees to attend school.

So as to ensure that bursaries are only awarded to those who need financial assistance most, UK boarding schools normally require parents to provide proof of their financial situation (using viable documentation) when they are making an application.

Most of the best boarding schools in the UK will review the documents provided by bursary applicants every year to ensure that only the neediest of students get financial assistance.

How can I apply for financial aid?

UK boarding schools have different procedures for applying for financial aid; it is therefore advisable to find out from prospective boarding schools exactly when and how to apply for financial aid.

As a reply to your inquiry, prospective boarding schools should also be able to give you an idea of how much financial assistance they offer.

Since scholarships from the best boarding schools in the UK are often limited and in high demand, the application process is normally highly competitive involving several elements. The application process may include interviews, assessments, auditions, admission exams, and the submission of portfolios, references and evidence of achievement in sport or art.