Boys’ Boarding School in the UK

Boys’ boarding schools are just like any other UK boarding schools with the only difference being that they admit only boys. The goal of these institutions is to mould the boy-child into refined men with high self-esteem, no matter their religion, class or race.

These days, more and more parents are enrolling their children to UK boarding schools because these schools impart students with a high sense of self-motivation and self-regard enabling them to make practical decisions throughout life.

A boys-only environment could be the perfect place for your son to receive his education as the best boarding schools in the UK provide students with an all-rounded education, as well as opportunities outside of the classroom, including sports and Combined Cadet Force.

Boys are able to focus on learning and consequently achieve excellent results that help them get into top universities and colleges. Without any social stigma, boys can choose which subjects they’re interested in studying and fulfil their full academic potential.

Some boys’ schools accept girls in the sixth form, and most schools organise joint events with girls’ schools, including concerts, trips and tournaments.

Sporting Amenities

UK Boys’ boarding schools are known for their excellent sporting amenities, with many schools offering specialist rugby, football, tennis or golf facilities. If your son has a particular interest in a certain sport, it’s the perfect place to improve his skills.

Boarding school is also an excellent opportunity for boys to try out new sports, and some schools have access to specialist sports, such as rock climbing, or sailing. Boarding schools often offer Combined Cadet Force and Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards alongside sporting facilities, so there are lots of different ways to get active.

Benefits of Boys’ Boarding Schools

Boys’ boarding schools are primarily academic. They are generally college-prep schools for adolescents aged from 10 and up. The goal of these schools is to combine academics, with physical and mental activities, hard work, co-operation and discipline.

A single sex environment can help boys to develop confidence and learn without distraction. Boys-only schools are specially equipped to tailor their teaching approach towards boys’ needs and subsequently, boys’ boarding schools are a comfortable, supportive environment for boys to grow and mature.

In UK boarding schools learn to take responsibility for the choices they make and therefore make intelligent choices, try new things, have a wide range of friends and have fun at the same time.

Choosing a UK Boarding School for your Son

There are various kinds of UK Boy’s boarding schools including state, private, religious, military, co-ed schools. So when selecting a boarding school for your son, you should know what your son wants- his ambitions and career dreams, you should also consider your finances.

Check out the programs at the school, both academic and non-academic and figure out the costs (many have scholarships and financing options). Keep in mind that the further away the school is, the less opportunity your child will have to come home or for you to visit. Visit the school with your child to make sure you are both in agreement with the decision to attend a certain boarding school. If you are close to a decision, ask the school for references and names of former students so that you can make sure that the programs are highly recommended. Also, make sure that services like counselling; athletics, arts and other programs are available. And, find out what the day-to-day dietary menus are like.

There are also several boys-only UK boarding schools for troubled adolescents. These schools deal with children who have problems like depression, drug and substance abuse, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Suicidal tendencies, conduct disorders, behavioural problems, learning disabilities, eating disorders, violence, bullying and other problems that adolescents may face. These schools not only provide therapy for these students but also make them academically stronger.