Co-Educational Boarding Schools

In co-educational schools (Co-ed), boys and girls study in mixed classes and socialise outside of lessons. Co-ed boarding schools are among some of the most popular UK boarding schools, with the majority of schools providing a Co-ed study programme. As well as providing a good education, co-ed boarding schools also offer excellent extra-curricular activities, including sports, drama and music.

Parents in the UK are choosing Co-ed boarding schools because they have the benefits of a Co-ed school and a boarding school. Boarding schools also run various after-school clubs, which cater to student’s interests, including subjects as diverse as photography, chess and archery. Many UK boarding schools have specialist facilities, so it is worth finding one that caters to your child’s needs.

Whether a British citizen or international student, UK Co-ed boarding schools offer a specialized curriculum focused on developing students both socially and intellectually. This kind of planned community allows students and teachers to thrive, co-existing in a social environment that promotes mutual dignity and self-reliance.

Boys and girls interact and work together on a daily basis and coeducational schooling gives your child the opportunity to learn and socialise alongside the opposite sex, preparing them for life after school.


Even though boys and girls study, socialize, eat and perform co-curricular activities together, they normally reside in separate boarding houses. Some UK boarding schools have Co-ed boarding houses designed in such a way that boys and girls stay in the same building but in different floors and use separate lavatories. Both boys and girls will have access to a dining room, where they’ll take meals together and a common room, where they’ll socialise.

Most of the best Co-ed boarding schools in the UK have excellent accommodation standards, often offering various room options including singles, doubles or en suites.

Choosing a Co-ed Boarding School

When you’re selecting a Co-ed UK boarding school for your child, ensure you choose one that will work best for them. You need to choose the right environment for your child and should focus on your child’s needs when choosing a school. Here are some things you should consider when selecting a Co-ed boarding school for your child;

  • Do the school’s values match your family values?
  • Does the school’s reputation and accreditation fit your expectation?
  • Does the school fit your child’s personality, learning and academic style?

Advantages of Co-Educational Schools

Life is co-educational, and since schools aim to prepare students for life, it makes sense to educate children in a co-educational environment. Co-educational schooling demystifies the opposite sex and helps children to build relationships and confidence from an early age.

Co-educational schools provide a mutually supportive environment for both boys and girls to live and work together, and learn from each other. Co-educational schools are equipped to deal with different learning styles and have the ability to tailor their teaching styles accordingly.

Co-educational schools are an excellent opportunity for students to learn from each other’s different approaches and viewpoints. This can help to foster healthy debate amongst pupils, and help students to understand opposing points of view.