Day Schools in the UK

A day school is a type of school where students (high- School aged teens) are taught during the day and go back home in the evening. In the UK, the term day school is also to describe one-off series of classes or lectures on a specific theme or discussing a certain issue, taking place on a single day and usually designed for older learners who have very little time on their hands.

Just as there are numerous UK boarding schools, there are also several UK day schools that cater for those students who prefer studying close to home. Day schools in the UK can either be state or private, mixed-sex (co-educational) or single-sex, or Special needs education.

Many parents find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to sending their teenager to boarding school or keeping them close to home and taking them to a day school. The issue that really needs to be addressed here is your ability to effectively supervise your child after school and during weekends. Let’s face it; today’s parents lead very busy lives, professionally and socially. Most parents can’t be able to check on their kids all the time and still keep up with their busy schedule.

For busy parents, a UK boarding school is the only logical option. However, for the parents with the time to see their children every night, a day school may be a good choice. Still, it all boils down to what you and child want, if both of you feel that they will be better off in a UK boarding school or day school, then there is no reason why you should not listen to your gut.

Advantages of a Day School

Spend more time with your child.

One of the major reasons why many parents choose a day school over a boarding school is that they get to see their child every morning before they go to school and every evening after they come home from school. Many parents develop a strong bond to their kids especially when they are still young and don’t want to miss being with them as they grow through the early phases of their lives. You want to put them to bed at night, prepare their meals, help them out with their homework, expose them to your own values, give them advice on various issues and generally govern almost every aspect of their young lives.


When you make a comparison between UK boarding schools and day schools, it is clear that UK boarding schools are relatively cheaper than day schools. Some parents opt for day schools as they cannot afford to send their child to a boarding school. Most of the best boarding schools in the UK are quite expensive as you’ll have to pay the maintenance fee- accommodation and meals, in addition to the leaning fees. And even though there are bursaries and scholarships offered at some UK boarding schools, not every student is privileged to get them.