International Study Centres in the UK

The UK is a top study abroad destination for International students from all over the world. In addition to Great Britain’s heritage of the English language and culture, it is a popular study destination because of its reputable higher education organisations, closeness to the Continent, ease of access and clear attitude towards business.

International Study Centres follow the same curriculum as traditional UK boarding schools, with students studying subjects such as mathematics, science and technology. There is a significant emphasis on developing and improving English Language skills, with a particular focus on pronunciation. Class sizes are small, with one teacher tutoring about six or seven students, and teachers are experienced in teaching English as a second language.

Study abroad is commonly used by International students to elevate their career profile and accrue additional skills for the workplace for their return home. International Study Centres are perfect for non-English speaking students who would like to prepare for life in a traditional boarding school. The centres offer a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for international students as well as an excellent education. The study centres offer one or two year courses for the students and are often linked with established UK boarding schools.

Study centres can also prepare international students for British examinations, such as GCSEs, IB and A-Levels and Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) exams. These are useful if students wish to go on to study at a British University, as they might need to prove their fluency in English.

Lots of students then go on to study at a UK boarding school. Sometimes this is the boarding school that runs the centre, but this is not always the case. Entry is dependent on the student achieving the necessary standard required. Students usually need a maximum of one year to pass the entrance exams for UK boarding schools, but some stay longer if necessary.

Despite of the multitude of experiences and opportunities which can be benefited from International Study Centres in the UK, there are some students who are unable to take full advantage of these and do not benefit their careers as much as they could.

The suggestions below may help you to benefit fully from all that study abroad in the UK has to offer:

Make use of all available resources

Find out where college resources are and how you can make use of them. On arriving at your college, make sure you are present at all orientation meetings which will explain how to effectively access college facilities and learning resources such as the library, online learning platform, computer room and student services. Universities and colleges in the UK have established high standards of learning resources and facilities as well as specific provision for overseas students.

Dare Yourself

Take the plunge and participate in a variety of activities and experiences. Have a go at learning a new skill whether it is professional or just a hobby. At your college student union, there will be a variety of student groups and societies which you can get involved in, providing you with greater opportunity to mingle.

Integrate as much as possible in your local community. If you are not a native speaker of English, use any opportunity to talk to local people. To help you adjust more quickly to life in the UK, endeavour to live and mingle with a mix of people from various backgrounds, not just those you may know from your home country.


Exploring diverse regions of the UK will give you an insight into the slight differences in culture, customs and geography in Great Britain. In the UK it is also easy to travel further afield and explore continental Europe which is only a short journey away by Eurostar or aeroplane.

Should you decide to take every experience you encounter during your study abroad in the UK as an opportunity for personal development, it is doubtless that you will return home with an array of skills which will promote your career.