What Boarding School is Like

What Boarding School is Like


(Thanks to Myddelton College and Adcote School for the beautiful photographs.)

A boarding school is a school where you can live on site. Quite often, boarding schools have some students who live on site but also some students who go home on an evening or weekend – these students are called ‘day students’ as oppose to ‘boarders’ or ‘boarding students’. If you choose to board, you will have easy access to facilities, teachers and you won’t have far to travel for your lessons! You will also get the opportunity to spend spare time with your new classmates and friends.


myddelton-college-26Usually, you will share a bedroom with another student, or maybe two or three students. But don’t worry, you will have your own space with draws and cupboards for your belongings. You might even have your own room if you are older or in the sixth form. Depending on the school, bathrooms and shower rooms are usually shared but have curtains or cubicles to give everyone some privacy. You will never have to share bathrooms or bedrooms with members of the opposite sex, most schools even have separate buildings for boys and girls.


Life at boarding school is busy, with a full timetable of lessons, activities, and extra-curricular opportunities. You might have Saturday school, or you might only have planned lessons Monday – Friday. You will be given the chance to study a range of subjects and expand your knowledge and learning beyond anything you can imagine. Boarding schools in the UK are known for producing excellent academic results, so if you work hard you too can come away with some fantastic grades.


Homework is a key part of your learning and development, but it may be called ‘prep’ in some schools. You will be expected to do this work independently most of the time, but there will always be teachers and other adults to ask for help if you get really stuck. Your housemaster or mistress is one person you could go to if you are struggling. Most schools provide a set time during the evening for you to complete your ‘prep’ or homework in a quiet learning space.


As well as timetabled activities, such as sports and chapel, you will be given plenty of opportunities to pursue any activities you are interested in. Boarding schools have lots of clubs and groups to get involved with, and if there isn’t already a club for your chosen activity – you can start one! Some examples of the clubs and activities you could get involved with at boarding school are horse-riding, sailing, chess, badminton, kayaking, public speaking, trampolining, scrabble, debating, rockband…. and the lists go on!


As you live with and work alongside your peers, you will develop strong friendship bonds. It might be a scary prospect when you first arrive, but after you have had time to settle in you will find many people are in the same situation. Your friends become like a family, sharing fun times together and supporting each other through challenging times too.

We hope this has given you a little insight into what boarding school is like, why not contact our Boarding School Advisors, and they will be able to tell you more?

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