Which Boarding School?

Which Boarding School?


Which boarding school is the best? Which boarding school gets the best results? Which boarding school should I send my child to? The common questions in the mind of a parent when looking into boarding schools in the UK. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Every boarding school is different and more importantly, every child is different.

Choosing which school and which team of staff to care for and educate your child is no doubt one of the biggest decisions you will have to make as a parent. League tables might be the first thing on some parents’ minds, whereas sporting facilities might be the most important for others. Pastoral care might be the decider for some parents, just as much as accommodation might sway others. Deciding which boarding school to choose is a complex decision.

Academic Prowess

It is very tempting to insist on the top academically performing schools for your child, no-matter what level your child is at. But remember to ask yourself, would my child be happy in this academically rigorous environment? It is also useful to remember that league tables are only glimpses of statistics, for the full picture why not contact the school and ask about added value?


Does your child have a passion? A hobby? A sport they excel in? If so, find a school who will nurture this passion and further their skills in this area. UK boarding schools offer some of the best facilities in the world for sports, music and performing arts. Even if your child does not have a favourite sport or interest yet, do you want them to have this opportunity?

Your Child

Rather than trying to fit your child to a school, think of it as trying to find the school to suit your child. Your child has to be the central point in this difficult decision. Yes, they need to be challenged academically, but they also need to feel at home in this school. A boarding school is not just a place for education, it is a place for your child to grow and develop and mature. A boarding school is a home from home. A place for children to discover who they are.

Before you ask ‘which boarding school..?’ why not ask yourself – what are my core values and beliefs? What type of environment will my child thrive in? What is important to us as a family?

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